Dear Men, Yes! Your Biological Clock Is Ticking Too. Don’t Ignore It And Happy Father’s Day!

The biological clock may not longer be ticking for only women. Yes, it ticks for men too and studies show that the age of the father can affect the health of the baby in many ways. Growing old is a part of nature. With age comes wrinkles, weaker bones, and other health problems. When the biological clock hits, both men and women show their signs of ageing. On Father’s Day, this article mainly talks about men and their biological clocks. Men who are over 40 start finding changes in their health. The biggest change is a decline in male fertility. These days, people want to marry late and have a family at a later stage. This contradicts as the reproductive capacity of men start to decline.If you are marrying late or going to father at a later age like after 40, then take a look at the following steps:1. Avoid steroid use and exposure to heavy metalsAvoid any kind of steroid intake as it will directly affect your reproductive system and it is considered as a prime cause of infertility in men. You should also avoid any kind of exposure to cadmium and lead, radiation and toxic chemicals like pesticides.2. Control blood pressureAs per medical experts, blood pressure can be a reason behind infertility. If you are on medication for hypertension then speak to your doctor about your desire of becoming a father.Also read: Happy Father’s Day 2017: You Cannot Find A Better Gift For Your Father This Father’s Day; Top 10 Gifting Opitons3. Reduce smoking and drinkingThis habit of smoking and drinking is applicable at all ages of people irrespective of having a family or not. And if you are planning to father a child, worth giving a thought on Father’s Day, then you should primarily reduce down smoking and drinking alcohol specially 3 months prior to conceiving. In addition, if you are into drugs, quit it at the earliest.4. Get adequate cardiovascular exerciseHealthy heart is important for conceiving. Circulatory problems are often linked to impotence. Speak to your doctor to learn exercises that will suit you.5. Reduce usage of gadgetsIf you frequently use laptops and often use them on your lap then reduce the usage. The heat emission is not good and may affect your reproductive system. In the similar order limit yourself from using other gadgets like phones, tablets etc.You cannot control ageing but you certainly can take steps to protect fertility and ensure a healthy baby. If you want to father a healthy baby, take care of yourself.

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