Father’s Day 2017: There Cannot Be A Better Gift For Your Father This Year, Top 10 Gifts For Father’s day

Father’s day is here! What are you planning to gift your dad? As you grow up, your father grows older too. It is important to take care of him and show him all the love in the world. How about gifting your dad with something that will make him healthier? Make this father’s day special. Don’t just celebrate it with cakes and fancy gifts. Give him something that has value for money and is very useful. Something he will cherish forever, something which will strengthen your bond with him. This article brings you some choices on what you can gift to your father:1. A physical screeningThis Father’s Day gift doesn’t intend to scare you, but still, it is important. Get your father a full body health check up that may involve a routine check-up, blood test, sugar & cholesterol, BP etc. You can also customize your check-up criteria and get a test done that is more important. It is well known that prevention is better than cure! So act on it now.2. A pull up and dip barAs your father grows older, he tends to lose his muscle mass. These bars can be very helpful in building or retaining the muscle mass and even build up strength. Speak to a professional instructor and check if it would suit your father’s body type.3. A sit-stand deskIf your father is a work-from-home professional then this gift is perfect. The ergonomically designed sit and stand desk shall help your father decrease his sedentary time and in fact, enhance energy levels.4. A desk chairIf your dad has neck or back issues and if he finds it difficult to stand comfortably then gift him a desk chair. Easy to adjust, these desk chairs are highly recommended. A lovely Father’s day gift.5. Subscription of yoga classesThis is the best gift of all the options. Get subscription of yoga or meditation classes that would help him reduce BP, strengthen muscles and improve posture.6. Compel you dad to quit the bad habitsIf your father smokes or drinks alcohol, then today is the day, compel him to quit for good! This would be an ideal Father’s Day gift, something you all will cherish forever.7. A good pair of shoesThis goes out to all the hiker and trekker dads. If your dad is athletic in nature and loves to go on treks, then give him shoes. Check with the dimensions and get shoes that are comfortable and durable.8. Dietary supplementsYou can gift a kit of dietary supplements to your father. Add supplements that would help him get more energy and strengthened muscles. But, first you should consult his doctor in order to give the right kind of supplements that would suit him. The supplements should suit his age, height and health.9. Headphones for his workoutsIs he a music lover and a fitness freak? If music is his hobby then giving high quality headphones is the best kind of gift. You can find several types of headphones that are easy to use, durable and suitable during exercises, travelling etc. Check out headphones that are sweat and water resistant, tamper proof and easy to maintain.10. A small bag of dry fruitsDry fruits are rich in vitamins, proteins and zinc. These are essential for your father’s health. Get a small bag or pouch and collect different dry fruits like nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews and raisins. Check out what he likes the most. Make sure, your father is not allergic to any.Happy and Healthy Father’s Day!Also read: Dear Men, Yes! Your Biological Clock Is Ticking Too. Don’t Ignore It And Happy Father’s Day! 

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