World Blood Donor Day 2017: Why You Should Donate Blood

Planning to donate blood this World Blood Donor Day? Apart from the fact that it is a noble deed, blood donation is largely recommended by doctors and medical experts for health reasons. If you are donating then you should know that it can be highly beneficial for your health. This article concentrates on talking about what happens when you donate blood. Go with the flow. The theme for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is Give blood. Give now. Give often.Top 5 advantages of blood donation are:1. Improvement in cardiovascular healthAs per several studies and reports, when there is a rise in the iron level in blood, it raises chances of heart diseases. People should donate blood from time to time and particularly men in order to reduce the iron level in the blood. This can lessen the probability of heart attacks by 88%. Regular blood donation lowers the risk of strokes and other severe cardiovascular events by 33%.2. Stimulation of the development of new red blood cellsWithin the first 48 hours of blood donation, the donor’s body starts replenishing the lost red blood cells. The replenishment process helps in staying healthy and productive at work.Also Read: Everything You Wanted To Know About Blood Donation3. Reduction in the probability of cancer risksAccording to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, it is believed that iron increases the free-radical damage which paves way to risks of aging and cancer. People who donate blood from time to time are at lesser risks of cancers of lung, liver, colon, throat and stomach.4. Burns caloriesThis may make a lot of people happy. Donating blood can burn approximately 650 calories for each pint that is like 450 ml of blood.5. Free blood analysisOn donating blood, the donor receives a free mini health screening and blood tests. His blood pressure, hemoglobin and an overall check up is done. Before any blood donation, the candidate is screened for hepatitis, syphilis, HIV and other diseases. In case, the test results turn out to be positive, it is informed immediately and complete confidentiality is maintained. A person found to be suffering from any one of diseases mentioned, he or she is deferred from donating blood on a permanent basis.Side effects of donating bloodA lot depends on how healthy you are while you are planning to donate. It is crucial to have a healthy body and mind before donating to someone who is in dire need. There are a few side effects associated with blood donation but they are temporary. The side effects depend on the tolerance power of the person and his or her overall health. Some side effects that may happen include:DizzinessTingling in the nose and lipsChillsIf you have donated blood and faced any of the above side effects, then you just need to follow a few tips. You should always drink lots of water before donation. Also, keep in mind that you should take a well-balanced meal prior and after donating blood. This will keep you healthy and fit. In addition to this, don’t forget to have a good night’s sleep before blood donation. In case, any of the above problems persist, it is advisable to talk to your doctor.Also Read: World Blood Donor Day 2017: Things You Should Know Before Donating Blood 

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