World Population Day 2017: Top 5 Myths About Birth Control

Ahead of the World Population day 2017, according to a US based study, pills are medically the safest and non-fussy contraceptive measures and are widely recommended by physicians all around the world. But there are still certain misconceptions around usage of birth control pills and there have been many debates and discussions around its efficiency and benefits. While the traditional methods of contraception are still under the shade and needs to be brought to light at the earliest, many people are debunking the usage of birth-control pills to prevent unintended pregnancies. With advancing times and health-based awareness, it is time that we ward off these baseless myths about birth control pills and save ourselves from the disadvantages of untimely pregnancy.1.    Using an IUC (intrauterine contraceptive) ruins your chances of having baby in futureMany people avoid using an IUC because it is believed that it reduces the chances of conceiving later. This myth is absolutely baseless and because when a woman uses an IUC, it does not change her chances if having a baby. According to health experts, women can get pregnant later just as quickly as women who use other methods. Apart from this, IUC is safe for women of any age and works well for women who haven’t had any children.Also read: World Population Day 2017: Tips For Safe, Natural Birth Control2.    Usage of birth-control pills makes you gain weightDue to complex chemical compositions of the pills which prevents the foetus to grow often leads to weight. But not every woman, who takes pills, gain weight because of it. There could be various reasons for sudden weight gain like hormonal imbalance but this doesn’t mean that you should stop using it as a contraceptive tool.3.    You should take a break from using birth control pillsIt is absolutely safe for women to take birth control pills as long as they want. They can become pregnant any time later in life and pills are totally healthy and safe. However, it is advisable to take birth-control pills, as recommended by your doctors/physicians.Also read: World Population Day 2017: 4 Reasons Why Family Planning Is Important4.    Women who smoke or are overweight should not take pillsWomen who are heavy smokers do face certain problems in preventing foetus in their wombs to grow because excessive smoking makes the pills ineffective. However, against this general belief, women can go for high-doses of their prescribed birth-control pills.Apart from this, those who are overweight can also take pills to prevent pregnancies without worrying about anything.5.    The Emergency Contraception (EC) pill is the same thing as an abortion pillEC or Emergency Contraception is NOT an abortion pill. The EC prevents pregnancy before it starts and it can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex. If a woman is already pregnant when she takes EC, the pill won’t work.

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